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Optimus Outcome is a resource for parents, professionals and patients alike to come together as one on our core mission of caring for and supporting all individuals whose lives have been affected by autism. The foundation of Optimus Outcome is rooted in delivering high quality, meaningful, consistent and cost-effective services to families just like yours. It is our dedication to the health of your child and the strength of your family that keeps us moving down the road towards a strong tomorrow. We look forward to working with and for your family every step of the way.


Optimus Outcome wants to hear from you. Whether you’re a therapist with professional advice or a loved one of a child with autism wondering what you can do to help, we would appreciate your input to help further knowledge and outreach about the fastest growing developmental disorder in the United States. Our groundbreaking levels of involvement are building new methods of therapy services and interactive engagement with children diagnosed on the autism disorder spectrum. Any level of assistance or input could help change a world. Click over to the Join Our Team page and get in touch today.

ASD incidence has increased roughly


Since 2008


Since 2006


Since 2002