autism diagnosis

So your child has received a diagnosis for autism spectrum disorder. What next? Well, what’s important to remember is that this is just the beginning. All the emotions you may be feeling about yourself, your child, and the future are perfectly normal. The first step in learning to cope is that there’s no need to blame anyone. Neither you nor your child did anything to deserve it. What’s important is remaining active and positive. There are steps to be taken at this point, and Optimus Outcome can help.

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Early Intervention

Autistic spectrum disorder can be complicated, so getting active and involved early is essential. Preliminary attention to diagnosis, early phases of treatment, and a continuing sense of compassion and urgency will benefit not only your child, but the rest of your family as well as they move through the learning process that is adapting to ASD.

As Optimus Outcome grows, the levels of assistance we offer will be growing. If you would like to be notified about the listing of services below as they become available, please join our mailing list here.

Find Emotional Support
  • Support group and therapist listings
  • Personal organization tools and services
  • Calendar and appointment management
  • Connect to parents of other children with ASD
Learn About Autism
  • Legal rights of your child
  • Local listings of where you can go to learn more about ASD
  • Home safety inspections
  • Individual Family Service Program (IFSP)
  • Individualized Education Program (IEP)
Financial Concerns
  • Financial assistance resources
  • Insurance claims assistance
  • Referrals to providers of ABLE Act accounts