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M-CHAT-R/F™ pre-screen test

The M-CHAT-R/F™, or Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers, is a validated developmental screening tool for children between the ages of 16 and 30 months. The M-CHAT-R/F™ does not provide an autism spectrum disorders (ASD) diagnosis. A diagnosis of autism can only be made by a medical professional. Its purpose is to help a parent or physician quickly assess the risk for ASD and determine whether a child should receive a more thorough developmental evaluation.

You should also discuss the results of the M-CHAT-R/F™ with your trained medical professional. If you have concerns about your child’s development, you should discuss it with your pediatrician as soon as possible. Getting an early diagnosis and starting treatment for your child is critical. By taking this test you agree to be bound by our terms, including our privacy policy. The M-CHAT-R/F™ is operated with permission of the copyright holders M-CHAT-R is copyright © 2009 Diana Robins, Deborah Fein, & Marianne Barton.

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