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Autistic spectrum disorder can be complicated, so getting active and involved early is essential. Preliminary attention to diagnosis, early phases of treatment, and a continuing sense of compassion and urgency will benefit not only your child, but the rest of your family as well as they move through the learning process that is adapting to ASD. Whether or not you already have a diagnosis, the time to act is now.

Our Collaborative Approach

Optimus Outcome provides a clear and concise plan for pursuing the best course of individualized services for your child as well as how to manage the effects of ASD on your family. All of our therapists are located under one roof, so a centralized, local approach to treatment is ensured. We provide accelerated access to transdisciplinary ASD treatment services with an emphasis on evidence-based practice techniques in a safe, clinical environment.

Get started now

Early intervention is crucial. Whether you only suspect your child has ASD or if you have already received a diagnosis, we can help you map out what comes next. Optimus Outcome can work with you directly, or we can help you find the services best suited for your child and family. The first step is the most important one you can take.

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Behavior Intervention

Teaching appropriate behavior and social skills must be done very deliberately, and a great deal of repetition is often required. To achieve this, Optimus Outcome offers both in-home and center-based programs highlighting a variety of ABA and play-based therapy techniques. Behavior modification is often most effectively accomplished with a structured system of rewards for desired behaviors and consequences for those less appropriate, so we also encourage parent coaching and integrated play as part of the collaborative learning process.

Speech and Language Services

Difficulties with speech and communication are often primary indicators of ASD, and it is important to catch these behavioral signs early and immerse them in a proper form of therapy. Optimus Outcome teaches a collaborative form of communication therapy aimed at connecting a child’s intentions to their words and the behaviors associated with them. Children will learn to communicate not by merely labeling what they see around them with words they might not understand, but with a firm grasp on which words to choose and why.

Occupational Therapy

The primary goal of occupational therapy is to teach children how to properly and successfully transition through various stages of their lives as smoothly as possible. The sooner this set of skills is taught, the easier it will be for the child later in life. Whether it be how to interpret moving through various stages of their education, how to prepare to move into early adulthood, or how to deal with a wide array of life-changing events and experiences.

Fundamental Techniques for Helping Autistic Children

Optimus Outcome provides an unbiased, well-informed source of information and support that parents can use to manage the treatment of their child. Professional help for your child and family can include:

  • Our trusted network of physicians & therapists
  • Personal organization tools
  • Information on legal rights of ASD children
  • Insurance and financial information
  • Therapy and support group references